What is iDHS.HealthWise?

Our Story

The founder of the iDHS.HealthWise is a medical professional with several years of experience in UK practice. Having also spent many years involved in various non-digital healthcare projects and solutions in the various parts of sub-Saharan Africa, she realised that people are needlessly dying....

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What does iDHS.HealthWise do?

iDHS.HealthWise is an integrated healthcare mobile and web-based App which aims to put medical consultation and other health promoting services and products in the user’s hand. This App and web-based platform is accessible via any internet enabled mobile device, laptop and computer.

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How it Works

Choose a Doctor

You decide which doctor or allied health professional you would like to consult with and how and when you would like your consultation. Alternatively, we can help you choose if you are unsure who you need to be seen by. As a registered user, you will have access to clinicians worldwide.

Get Consultation

On the go and at a time convenient for you. Schedule a time that suits you with a doctor of your choice. Access via text, audio and or visual consultation – you choose.

Health Solution

Get appropriate health advice and sign-posting by the doctor for tests and treatment. Timely health consultation and treatment equals a better quality of life.

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What is New?

We regularly add videos to keep you updated about our platform, products and services as well as causes which we are passionate about. Please watch, learn and share.